Short Stories:

"Who's Your Mommy?" in HASH.

"Lullaby for My Little Boy", "Poltergeist" and "Worms" in Sage Cigarettes Magazine.

"Narcissus" in Art Times Journal.

"A Kiss is Just..." in Evocations.

"Cultural Appropriation" in Idle Ink.

"Love Atrophy" in The Voices Project.

"The One Up" in Tiny Plays From Quarantine.

"Kill Your Darlings" and "A Cut Above" in Atomic Flyswatter Magazine.

"Wordplay" in

"Return of the Writers" in Rejected Manuscripts.

"BFF" in Reedsy Prompts.

"Symbolic" in Eighteen Seventy.

"Communication" in Fleas on a Dog.

"Text Roulette" in The Helix Literary and Art Magazine.

"Message to Zargofarse the Third" in Jokes Review.

"State of Church" in The HitchLit Review.

"Her Room" in Brushfire Literary & Arts Journal.

"Masks" in The Writers' Cafe Magazine.

"Kite" in Review Americana.

"Wash Away" in Every Day Fiction.

"The Deconstruction of Lee and Darrell" in Magnolia & Vine Magazine.

"Galaxies Apart" in Forth Magazine.

"Disaster" read on and discussed on The Pretty Trees Podcast.

"Black Wings" and "The Princess" in Gravel.

"Halo" in CafeLit UK.

"High Heels" in Flash Fiction Magazine.

"Domestic Fowl" in Forth.

"Penance" in Elegant Thorn Review.

"Dirty Little Secrets" in Down in the Dirt.

"Perks" in VerbSap.

"Inseparable" published in C/Oasis.

"If You Look At It You May Die" in inkburns.