Plays in Various Mediums:

My monologue, MOUSING, was produced by KickItDown Productions in the UK:

Audio recording of LAST WORDS from Small Fish Radio's A Virtually Short Play Festival.


Trailer for my new short film, TERMINAL, Directed By Nero Nava:

Audio recording of THE GHOST WALKERS from Cone Man Running's Cauldron pod cast.


Audio recording of UNDERGROUND from Cone Man Running's Cauldron pod cast.


Audio recording of HAUNTED from Cone Man Running's Cauldron pod cast (second play in).



THE ONE UP Zoom Play by Little Red Theatre Company:


NO PROBLEM short film produced by Force of Nature Productions:

IT CREEPS UP ON YOU from Gi60 2019:

ARE YOU GOING TO EAT THAT? from Gi60 NextGen 2018:

GOOGLING from Gi60 NextGen 2018:

EXPECTATIONS from Gi60 NextGen 2018:

WHAT'S DIFFERENT from Gi60 2018:

FAMILY ABANDONED from The Festival of Unknown Artists 2017:

SWIPE LEFT from Gi60 NextGen 2017:

WHAT KEEPS YOU UP from Gi60 NextGen 2017:

FIVE SECOND RULE from Gi60 2016:

THE BOX from Gi60 2016:

More One-minute Plays:

"Touch" performed at Gi60 US 2010.

"Jane Comes Home" performed at G(hosts)i60 UK 2010.

"Last Date First" performed at Gi60 UK 2011.

"On The Nose"" performed at Gi60 UK 2012.

"Alien Abductions" performed at Gi60 US 2013.

Ten-minute plays:

"Falling Bodies" performed at Bellarmine University's Anything Galileo Play Festival, Spring 2010.

"Table For One" performed at the North Park Playwright Festival, Oct. 2013.