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CLASS REUNION received a great review from BroadwayWorld: CLASS REUNION is "a game-changer in the way we think about school shootings and Misuraca hits his theatrical target tacitly but with great potency." Read the entire review here.

CHRISTMAS MORNING's review in Broadway World.

A sweet about one of the actors in the Houston production of my play JOEY & CHUCK.

Theatre Reviews:

Hello, World!

“Brilliantly written, hilariously performed, deftly directed… ‘Hello World!’ was the oasis I was hoping for. (Tom Misuraca’s six plays) are a gorgeous smorgasbord of style, content, character and theme.  All delightfully dark and slightly off kilter. In fact, much like the past year or so of our lives. It’s a lovely gathering of mind product from a writer who has a talent for the absurdity of the human condition and the consequences we cause. (The actors) take these funny, quirky adorable characters and give them luscious life.” -Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros,

“It appropriately showcases playwright Tom Misuraca’s latest brilliant world of one acts… Each vignette is beyond original. Each of these one acts takes sensitive themes we face in this world, such as love, loss, and ‘this too shall pass,’ with dialogue so relevant and resonant to today’s audience.” -Bonnie Priever, Curtains Up!


“Tom Misuraca’s writing is sharp and incisive and completely unlike anything I’ve read (or heard) before.” -Dave, Mobile Theatre Blog

“Mousing by Tom Misuraca is surprisingly hilarious given it is a monologue about a man that writes a letter for the person who will find him dead.” -Lily Middleton, Everything Theatre

“The most theatrical of the three plays… as a comic interlude it is brilliantly written and captures my attention throughout… a humorous look at our relationship with our furry companions.” -Ryan Van Champion, A Young Theatre

“This effective style, with Misuraca’s strong writing, provides a hilarious and surprising finish to this first digital sharing.” -Ryan Van Champion, A Young Theatre

“Quirky and unsettling audio play.” -Louise Penn, LouReviews

Suicidal Blonde

“This play is packed with hilarious one-liners and characters that are ridiculous enough to be totally true. It’s relatable, it’s funny, it’s poignant and heartfelt and deeply moving in sweet moments of breakthrough.” -Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros,

Masters of the Dark Realm

“Some very fun and well-explored themes… the dialogue and attention to detail in both script and direction yield some very fun moments.” -Matt Ritchey, Gia on the Move

“Writer Tomas J. Misuraca’s ability to combine child’s play and the adult world is a smooth transition. Both the show and the game is entertaining and an overall good time.” -Mary E. Montoro, All About the Stage

"What I thought was going to be a nerdy night of silliness turned out to be much more. It made me hug my boyfriend tight and genuinely appreciate our movie night with friends the following evening. If a performance can follow you home and affect you in your personal life, that’s truly saying something. I encourage you not to miss out on the relatable deep dive into friendship, loss, love and life that is Masters of The Dark Realm. Gamers and nerds will enjoy some special nods and laughs, but the underlying story is sure to resonate with a much larger audience.” -Sara Kinne - Nightmarish Conjurings

"Masters of The Dark Realm was a great mix of uplifting and gut-wrenching, silly and somber. Nerds like us will enjoy some memorable inside jokes, but this story is relatable on a much larger scale. This show is worth making plans to see.” -Sara Kinne - The Haunt List

Class Reunion

“It's a game-changer in the way we think about school shootings and Misuraca hits his theatrical target tacitly but with great potency.” - Ellen Dostal,

“I really like how this playlet was set up, but (it’s) too short. It deserves more time. The situation and characters seem to demand an hour or so at least to really explore what Misuraca created. I hope very much he expands it, because this is an extremely promising beginning. Hopefully someone will give him the chance and produce this as a longer work. (It’s a) flower begging to become a garden.” -Zahir Blue, Night-Tinted Glass

Swipe Left

“Rounds out the evening with a lot of laughs... ends up delivering more laughs than promised!” -Zahir Blue, Night-Tinted Glass

Christmas Morning

“Christmas Morning" by Thomas J. Misuraca is the highlight of the bunch, perfectly capturing a moment in time that feels real while also feeling topical and meaty... Bill paces in a Santa hat and worries about if the gifts he got his children are masculine enough is comedy gold! The writing in this show is exceptional; it holds its own as a short play, and is self-contained, but leaves the audience wanting more.” -Amelia Reynolds,

Manservant 3000

“Easily the funniest playlet,” -Zahir Blue, Night-Tinted Glass

“From beginning to end writer Misuraca gives you twists and turns!” -Lorenzo Marchessi, The Geek Authority

Demonic Housewives

"Misuraca’s script is a clever (and) densely plotted... The story moves along nicely and never slowing or becoming bland. The story is fun, the laughs are plenty." -Norm(an) Gidney, Horror Buzz

"This is a brilliantly funny play." -Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros, NoHo Arts District

"Silly, fun, oddly touching in a way, not taking itself too seriously... an intensely clever work... refreshing to see a play on this subject entirely about women! There's an underlying wit to the the whole story--the intersecting triads of power for example, which is too pervasive to be anything but deliberate, and also the clever way the play's ending remains deliciously, ominously 'open.' Tribute to the fact the best comedies are more than a string of punchlines strung together into something resembling a plot. Here, the plot and characters themselves are part of the humor, not least because one can easily see this same story told 'straight' as a horror movie.” -Zahir Blue, Night Tinted Glassed

The eBook of Love

“It’s a laugh-filled hour of hookups, near misses, mistaken identities, and how pursuing relationships has changed with the advent of Internet dating sites and phone apps.” – Paul Atreides & Lisa Bennett, The Las Vegas Review-Journal

Little Black Book

“The show is a keenly hilarious… a fun and fascinating journey through grief… well worth a quick peek.” –Lisa Bennett, The Las Vegas Review-Journal

“An entertaining modern comedy. The audience enjoyed the performance throughout, reacting positively to Mr. Misuraca’s new work… The show has plenty of laughs… well written and deserving of the First Place finish it earned for the New Works Competition” –Matthew Martello, Edge on the Net


“Keeps you on the edge of your seat... kudos to author Tom Misuraca... destined to become one of L.A.'s theatre treasures!” -Hettie Lynn Hurtes, KPCC Radio

The ParaAbnormals

“Just the opening moments of this little low-budget supernatural chiller manages to offer far more effective shivers and scares than a recent staging of The Exorcist over at the Geffen. Go!” -LA Weekly

“Sharp, funny and creepy: all-in-one. This was one of the most pleasant comedy evenings in the theatre I’ve had recently.” -NoHo Arts District website

“The concept is clever and the overall show extremely entertaining.” -Night Tinted Glasses

Geeks! The Musical

“(A) sweet ode to that gathering of the socially awkward set… the songs elicit genuine laughs.” -Amy Lyons, Backstage

“Misuraca’s songs and lyrics are witty; his story lines are competent.” -Margaret Gray, Los Angeles Times

“GEEKS! entertains its audience... keeps audience members cracking up with its comic-interested characters.” –Jennica Lynn Johnson, USC Daily Bruin

“Thomas J. Misuraca has a solid grasp of what it entails to be a true geek and it’s reflected solidly in his book and lyrics.” -Obed Medina, Edge

“The writing is often fun and sharp.” -Cinesnatch

“The dialogue is crisp and brisk and funny, the songs vibrant and catchy and stitched with the same sort of humor.” -Hollywood Report Card

“Misuraca maintains a satirical tone that has fun with the passionate Comic-Con fans without being cruel.” -Kurt Gardner, Blogcritics Culture

“I can’t say enough about Misuraca’s writing…I truly enjoyed every minute of the show and wholeheartedly believe it’s got serious potential to open in one of LA’s more prestigious playhouses someday soon.” -Jenny Platt,

“I had no idea how delightful this musical would be...One of the most surprisingly fun musicals I’ve experienced in a long time...The characters are what really make this show what it is...each charter had enough depth to transcend their archetype and develop over the 90-minute musical...The music was fun...The acting was just flat-out phenomenal...Although I’m sure it’s partly due to his top-notch material, I have to give the local Tony to James P. Darvis for his portrayal of Emerson...It's not to be missed...It’ll be the best hour and a half of your weekend that won’t be spent at a panel.” - T.H. Hernandez, Adventrues in Writing


“Thomas J. Misuraca’s Meet-Up, a sketch alluding to the ubiquitous social networking phenomenon, is the most well-written and acted of the bunch.” -William Coyle,


“This play was something from the horror movies … I don't want to spoil the ending, but know, you won't be disappointed.” -skip2mylou,

The Diary

“Thomas Misuraca wrote the truly funny play The Diary. His premise -- a mom reels in horror when she discovers her gay son's diary, but not for the reasons you might assume -- felt fresh and clever. I've never laughed so hard about the rules of grammar.” -Katie Reiser, Isthmu

“Cheeky comic piece.” -Lindsay Christians, 77 square

“The humor is non-stop.” -Lorenzo Marchessi, The Geek Authority


“It is a hysterical yet frightening statement of where we could be heading in the future of information technology.” -Joyce E. Philbin-Collier, Times Beacon Record

“It’s a hoot.” -Steve Parks,

Ray Philips, Private Dick

“These plays are as hot as Daniel Craig in a Speedo…That line about Mr. Craig is one of many gems in the final short, a wonderfully funny film noir spoof.” -77 square